Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bulletproof Bentley – A War-Ready Car

Bulletproof Bentley – A War-Ready CarBulletproof Bentley – A War-Ready Car

Are you a fan of James Bond. Did you watch all his movies? Yes, James Bond movies are full of action with super weapons and super cars used. But, did you know that super car for now is not only in movie? Yes, you read it right. There is now a new released car in market, a bullet proof car.

This bullet proof Bentley is a rebel’s dream. For only $500,000 this dream car can be your on JamesList.

The bullet proof Bentley offers safety features such as ballistic steel in the doors, pillars, bulletproof glass, run flat tires, an explosion-proof gas tank, Kevlar flooring. Other security options include a self-contained oxygen supply system in case of a poison gas attack and exploding hinge bolts that blast open the doors should a speedy exit become necessary.via

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chevrolet Aveo on Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle Look

Chevrolet Aveo on Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle LookThe Chevrolet Aveo on it's Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle Look

The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle or ETV -we're not even kidding, that's the car's official name- is a futuristic-looking custom build created by Mike Vetter and his Florida-based company, 'The Car Factory'. It's hard to believe it just by looking at the ETV, but underneath that sci-fi outfit you'll find a Chevrolet Aveo stripped out of its body but not its heart.

Mike, who also works on Carrera GT replica bodies for the Porsche Boxster, claims on his website that buyers can opt either for an Aveo or a Boxster donor car. Somehow though, we find it hard to believe that anyone would give up a Porsche, no matter how many thousands of time they've seen Captain Kirk and Spock fighting off intruders from other planets.

This car is available now on eBay for cool $86,000.

Chevrolet Aveo on Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle LookOther pictures of Chevrolet Aveo or Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle.